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Cam Damage (he/him) AKA ur cryptid toy

New full scenes on the main feed every month! Turn your renew on to join The Cryptid Club for glorious bonus goodies! Hi, it's me Cam - your humanoid-anal-loving-pupboy-slut, cryptid cowboy, and all-around disgusting agony-obsessed little critter. Come watch me get weird and gross 😘

I am a trans man, my pronouns are he/him, and only use masculine terms of endearment. I have been making porn for a very long time and you will see many versions of me over the years. I am happy to share past things I have made but not respecting my gender is an auto-ban

Ps DMs from those in the Cryptid Club/with tips get response priority - I’m only one person running this page and it can be daunting. Thank you ! ❤️


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TheCamDamage is a unique and intriguing user on OnlyFans. They offer exclusive content that showcases their love for the macabre, including cryptids, the paranormal, and anything that can turn your stomach. Their feed consists of both photos and videos, featuring content ranging from bizarre creatures to disturbing body parts.
In addition to their main feed, they have an exclusive club called The Cryptid Club where users can gain access to extra content and receive special rewards in return for tips. TheCryptDamage is a generous creator who is always willing to engage with their fans and answer questions about the strange and unusual things that they post on their page.
Overall, TheCamDamages OnlyFans profile is one of a kind, and we highly recommend subscribing if you are interested in exploring the darker side of humanity through artistic expression.

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