Traditional sex work is a profession that is often fraught with danger and risks for those who engage in it.

Sex workers are at risk of physical and sexual violence, harassment, and exploitation by clients and pimps. Furthermore, the criminalization of sex work makes it difficult for sex workers to report crimes and abuse and increases their vulnerability to exploitation.

It's for these reasons that SubSeeker pledges to donate 15% of all 2024 net profit from paid creator promotions to help fight sex worker abuse and champion sex worker rights.

Out of this 15%, the donation allocation will be as follows:

  • 40%: National Ugly Mugs - design tools to provide safety and support for those working in the industry.
  • 20%: Door of Hope - a London based charity supporting vulnerable sex workers in the East End.
  • 20%: Spires - operate a 'Streetlink' initiative, helping vulnerable sex workers in Lambeth.
  • 20%: SWARM Collective* - 'Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement' campaign for the rights and safety of sex workers in the UK.

*SWARM is not a registered charity, and is instead a campagining collective.