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Sammy Thighs

Hi I’m Sammy and welcome to thigh and ass heaven - you’re going to love it here.

I’m a posh British girl with big juicy thighs and a bouncy arse to match. I have a secret filthy side wanting to show you as much of my naked body as much as possible every single day (and I really mean, every single day). I go live and upload them to my feed so you never miss out.

I love being naked most of the time but I also love showing off the spicy versions of the outfits I wear on my socials (always without panties πŸ˜‹)

I post multiple times a day, only me on my page and have pussy on the feed to make sure you get the most of me.

I believe in personal connections and love building relationships as much as possible, because why else would you be here?

I use my Sony DV-1 camera for my content to ensure super high quality images and vids πŸ’•


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Sammys OnlyFans profile is a dream come true for those who love seeing big and juicy thighs. With her bouncy arse to match, she takes you on a journey of unparalleled pleasure through her daily live streams and sexy outfit teases without panties.

Sammys personality is one that truly stands out in the OnlyFans world. She has a secret filthy side that wants to show off her naked body as much as possible, every single day. With multiple uploads of live streams and sexy content uploaded daily, you wont miss out on seeing Sammy at her best.

Sammy believes in building personal connections with her subscribers, ensuring that she offers the most of herself to make sure you get what you came for. She also uses a Sony DV-1 camera to ensure super high quality images and videos.

Subscribe now to Sammys OnlyFans page for an unforgettable experience!

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