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I think it's important you find out who the person is behind the screen so here's a little introduction ▢️

I'm kaya, I'm a bit socially awkward, I'm tiny ( but
very loveable I promise xD ), I am 21 - my body is all natural and I love pasta Bolognese!!

I enjoy :
Classic movies such as scarface/ All quentin tarantino movies / Godfather,, Goodfellas etc etc etc
Some of my favourite bands would be : Pink Floyd/The doors/Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath/Tame Impala etc

Instead of going out for parties I'm the type of girl that likes to stay at home watch a nice movie and pleasure myself afterwards xD

here is what you'll find on my I am just your normal girl next door that simply shows her crazy side on OnlyFans and I am loving it!
Enjoy my page!

Legal Note: All content published on my Only Fans account is exclusive copyrighted material belonging to @kayafox. You may not distribute, reproduce or publish any content from me

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@kayafox is a natural and petite beauty with a love for pasta Bolognese. She loves to indulge in classic movies such as Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Doors. Kayas favorite bands include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Tame Impala. Her introductory video on OnlyFans captures her quirky yet loveable personality.

Kayas content is a mix of sexy selfies and videos showcasing her intimate activities. She offers exclusive access to her fans who subscribe to her page. Kaya enjoys staying at home, watching movies, and pleasuring herself afterward.

Kayas OnlyFans account is the perfect platform for those looking for a unique and genuine content creator. Her natural beauty and love for classic films make her stand out from the crowd. Join Kaya on OnlyFans today to enjoy her exclusive content!

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