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FREE porn on feed!! let me help you cummm💦

hey!! i’m jessie (or jess if we’re close - which I hope we will be!🥰) i’m just an english girl with a big butt that I love shaking hehe😉 I love to play games, workout, & orgasm… a lot🙈😂 I also love to talk (can you tell?)🤣 so come chat to me about aaanything & lets get to know each other!🥰

100% ME ALL DAY, EVERYDAY😁 no ads, no spam, & I answer all my own messages💜

fun fact: i’m the OG “tiktok porn” creator which… if you havent heard of it… probably sounds bizarre🤣 yk those videos where someone jumps and their outfit changes? I do those… but instead it switches to me being fucked😈 I have 120+ different ones, mix of b/g + solo, all different, and ALL FREE on the feed😁

…you’re still reading? tt porn + big booty not convinced you? you’ll change your mind once you see it all hehe but ok… i’ll humour you😉 there’s ALSO 24 FULL porn vids FREE on the feed - like my first sextape!! so there’s definitely something here for you😈


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Jessiebuns is a naughty British girl who loves to explore her sexuality. With over 982604 likes and 360 videos, she offers an exciting experience for subscribers. Her bio highlights the fact that shes always horny, and that she has a wide range of content including squirt, anal, feet, humiliation, big toys, roleplay, cosplay, JOI, and more. Jessiebuns is known for her friendly personality and genuine communication with subscribers, making her an ideal choice for anyone looking for a fun and sexy OnlyFans experience.

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